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Winners of Amazing Packaging Race Announced

The largest Amazing Packaging Race ever took over the PACK EXPO International 2014 show floor – Winner outlasted 27 other teams to win new iPads..

Published on By Pat Reynolds, VP Editor | November 2014

Amazing Packaging Race

PMMI, producer of the PACK EXPO International, hosted the fifth annual event at McCormick Place on Nov. 5. Winning team members were Amed Kanan from Hennepin Tech, Hannah Newman of the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Aaron Ertel from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Jenna Hines and George Klingbail from Michigan State. Teams were challenged to earn as many points as possible by completing tasks at exhibitor booths in a given period of time.

Amazing Packaging Race

"This was by far our biggest turnout ever, with 140 students participating," says Maria Ferrante, vice president, Education & Workforce Development, PMMI. "Working as a team and under time constraints gives them just a taste of what they can look forward to once they graduate and enter the packaging industry. We often say PACK EXPO is the world’s largest classroom for packaging and processing technologies."

Daubert Cromwell was among 22 participating companies in more than 1.2 million net square feet of exhibit space. Pictured at left is one of the teams in company’s display of corrosion inhibitor packaging products.