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Product Selection Criteria

Product Selection Criteria

If you have a corrosion problem, we can help you choose the right VCI to solve it. Just explain your situation on the form below.

What type of products do you want to protect? Please be specific.
What kinds of metals is this product made of? Please list all metals.
What is the length of protection required? (select one)
Is this for a domestic or export application? (select one)
What is the size and weight of the product to be protected, and how is it packaged?
How are you currently addressing/solving your protection problem?
What is unsatisfactory about your current method, process, or results?
Are you currently using VCI or some other type of rust inhibitor, i.e. oils or sprays?  If yes, please explain. 
(Brand/Part Number information would be helpful)
Are chemicals present on the surface of the product? 
(i.e. surface rinses, oils, etc.)
Are there any extreme conditions or special treatments present?
What is the estimated annual number of parts that need to be protected?
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Title: Company:
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Postal Code / Zip: Country:
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