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Rotary Jeweler Solves Silver Tarnish Problem

EAGAN, MN – After months of searching for something to prevent tarnish on the custom silver bracelets he created to be Rotary International awards, Rick Waldeland, owner of the 30-year-old Waldeland Jewelry & Gifts in Eagan, MN, found the solution with Silver-Guard™ anti-tarnish, polyethylene bags.

The special sterling silver bracelets were the idea of a fellow Rotarian and friend, Steve Mattson, who sought out Rick to design and manufacture the bracelet because Waldeland Jewelry has a well-established reputation for creating unique, custom jewelry pieces. The special bracelets are to be token “Thank you” awards to individuals who donate $10,000 or more to the Rotary and it’s activities on behalf of children’s well being.

Waldeland began his creation with a sterling silver ID bracelet, then welded the Rotary’s signature wheel emblem onto the bracelet’s 1-3/4” by ˝” ID plate engraved with the letters TCSD – “Til Children Stop Dying.” He initially made 50 men’s sizes and 25 women’s sizes.

Then he ran right into the tarnish problem. Both he and Rotary obviously want the bracelets to look great when they are received by donors, but they were tarnishing quickly during storage. “The reason jewelers don’t carry many sterling silver items is that silver turns black and needs constant cleaning. That’s a problem,” Rick explained.

At first he tried protecting the bracelets by placing them in hard paper envelopes. But the silver turned black with tarnish. Next he tested sealable plastic sandwich bags. That didn’t work, either. Neither did a third possibility. Then he saw mention of Daubert Cromwell’s Silver-Guard anti-tarnish bags in a jewelry trade publication. The zipper-top, 3” x 3” bags are made of see-through 2-mil poly that’s specially treated with chemicals that remove all sulfide vapors from within a closed environment, eliminating the risk of tarnish.

Using samples of the bags, he tested them just as he had tested all the previous protective options. Rick placed newly cleaned bracelets in several Silver-Guard bags, sealed the bags and placed them in a storage area. After almost a month with no tarnish on the bracelets, Rick was convinced he’d found what he was looking for. He had the solution to stop silver tarnish. “We got just what we need. Those bags worked like a charm,” he says. “Daubert Cromwell’s got a great product there, Every jewelry supplier and every jewelry store in the country should be using them.”

The bracelet is gaining popularity as Steve Mattson and other Rotarians describe it during their speeches to Rotary Clubs around the country. As Rick proudly says, “From Eagan Minnesota to the world. The more of these bracelets I have to make, the better all the world’s children will be. And tarnish is one problem I never have to worry about anymore.”

For more information about Silver-Guard or Silver Saver films, papers, or absorbent blocks for jewelry display cases, call 800-535-3535.or send an inquiry to

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