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Motorcycles Survive Endurance Test Corrosion-Free in Daubert VCI™ Packaging

HARYANA, INDIA - By using a combination of corrosion-preventative paper in plain polyethylene film, India's leading manufacturer of motorcycles found the most cost-effective way to ship its products around the world, corrosion-free.

Partially assembled, or semi-knockdown (SKD) motorcycles can be in transit up to 5 weeks in ocean containers traveling from hot humid conditions in tropical South America. To ensure that bikes survive this endurance test corrosion-free, the metals need protection while inside the harsh environment that can exist in a container. Salt air, huge fluctuations in temperature and humidity, leaks, and condensation can all speed the onset of corrosion.

The manufacturer, recognized as the high-quality producer of motorcycles, selected Daubert VCI packaging n the basis of its performance in trial shipments to Sri Lanka and South America. In these export tests, the main components of the bike were secured inside a specially designed carton then partially covered with strategically placed Daubert VCI ™ paper and wrapped in a clear, untreated polyethylene bag. Individual parts susceptible to corrosion were also partially wrapped in Daubert VCI paper, sealed in their own polyethylene bag and placed in the carton.

When metals are packaged in Daubert VCI paper, the chemicals volatilize inside the packaging environment and from a protective molecular layer on the surface of the metal. This protective layer prevents oxidizing agents from depositing on the metal and causing corrosion.

After several weeks at sea, the cartons reached their destination where they were unpacked and inspected. The SKD motorcycle packaged in Daubert VCI were found to be corrosion-free and ready to assemble. As a result, the manufacturer now plans to adopt this packaging system for its export shipments, in its continuing effort to maintain its reputation for high quality.

Two Daubert VCI products were carefully selected for this specific application:

  • Protek Wrap® , which offers quick release of the volatizing chemicals that prevent corrosion on ferrous metals, and;
  • Uniwrap A® , a universal corrosion inhibitor for ferrous, non-ferrous and multi-metal combinations. It's particularly effective for steel, zinc galvanized, copper-plated and other metals as found in handle bars, wheels, spokes, nuts, bolts, etc.

Daubert VCI, Inc. has a variety of other products that prevent tarnish and corrosion on aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, silver, and noble metals. The company also manufacturers VCI polyethylene film with an advanced blend of chemicals for multi-metal applications. Products are sold worldwide through a network of Authorized Users.

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