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Metal-Guard® FF Sperrschicht-Material

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protective barrier film, metal-guard ff protective barrier film, metal-guard ff

Metal-Guard® FF Sperrschicht-Material ist die nächste Generation im Bereich Oberflächenschutz

Metal-Guard® FF is a heavy duty, laminated nylon/aluminum foil/polyethylene structure with Daubert Cromwell’s special ferrous metal corrosion inhibitor formulation in the PE film layer. Using Metal- Guard FF replaces the 2-step process of wrapping parts with VCI poly then a laminated barrier material.

Metal-Guard FF has excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties with superior physical properties. The innermost layer, the sealant layer, is laminated to the foil and nylon for very high barrier protection against oxygen and moisture. The VCI is trapped within the structure for long-term corrosion protection.

Typical applications.

  • Wrapping large machinery for export when crating is not used.
  • Outdoor storage of large and irregularly shaped equipment.
  • Small parts packaging
  • Vaccum sealed bags
  • Covers, wraps, shrouds for machinery, assemblies and components

Proven Daubert Cromwell corrosion inhibitor chemistry

  • Metals protected: Wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Excellent barrier against oil, water and moisture
  • Heat-sealable, tear-resistant, non-toxic
  • Provides corrosion protection for 12 months minimum, indoor dry storage; 6 months outdoor exposure.
  • Safe and easy to use; no special handling required
  • Parts remain clean, dry and ready to use immediately, without additional cleaning or rework
  • RoHS compliant, OEM approved
  • Compatible with Daubert Cromwell rust preventive liquids, papers, foams and emitters.

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